How to get to the Sandton, the suburb where the Conference venue and Hotel and other alternative accommodation options are situated


Most delegates will be arriving at Johannesburg International Airport (aka OR Tambo International Airport). If arriving between 5:00 am and approximately 19:30 to 20:00 pm, we advise that you use the Gautrain, which takes about 14 min between the airport and Sandton station, however Uber, meter taxis or car rental companies are available at the airport.

How to use the ‘Gautrain’: The ‘Gautrain’ is a safe ‘metro’ train operating from 05h15 to 20h28 each day. Trains run every 10 minutes during peak hours, and every 20 mins during off-peak hours. The Airport (OR Tambo International) service runs directly between OR Tambo Airport and Sandton Station. Click to view Train Schedule

You will need to purchase a gold Gautrain card for R16.00 (smart card) onto which you load the value of your fare. A one way fare between OR Tambo airport and Sandton is R151-00. Please note that a minimum value of R25.00 must be available on the card to allow boarding.

If you arrive by Gautrain in Sandton, and use the Gautrain bus service within one hour of using the train, the fare will be R8.00. Use of Gautrain buses after one hour of using the train will be charged at R21. You will need to check the routes of the buses to see if they pass your hotel.

Blue ‘tuk tuks’ are also available at the entrance to the Gautrain station in Sandton and cost about R25 for a 4km radius. They operate until about 20h30.

For those staying in the Rosebank area, you can also use the Gautrain as the Sandton station is only 1 stop away from the Rosebank station. However remember that the train only operates until 21h00 with the last trains usually departing around 20:28.

Should you be staying at The Hilton Hotel, please enquire with the Hilton about their shuttle service. The Hilton Shuttles runs mini-busses/people movers between 6am and 10pm every 30 min. Whilst their busses are unmarked, their staff will be wearing ‘Hilton’ shirts. To find the shuttle drop off area for the hotels, leave the Gautrain station and once you have emerged onto the city streets at the top of the escalator, immediately turn sharply to the right and use the escalator to reach the next floor. Turn right again and enter the ‘PT’ section. The shuttle mini busses are available here. Due to security reasons, some hotel shuttle mini busses are NOT marked with the name of the hotel. Please ask your hotel to advise of their shuttle services and to request that they be aware that you will be arriving and require a lift. The Hilton Hotel has advised that anyone attending IRG is welcome to use their shuttle bus to both the Sandton city Shopping Centre or the Gautrain free of charge.

Any delegate unsure of the best way to get from the airport to your hotel / conference venue, is more than welcome to email us : along with your arrival times and we will happily advise you of the safest travel to your hotel.

Uber services:

Uber operates in South Africa, and you can safely choose a ride option. The rates from the airport to Sandton vary as follows:

  • UberASSIST: ZAR267 – ZAR354
  • UberX: ZAR269-ZAR356
  • UberVAN : ZAR R578 – ZAR763
  • UberBlack : ZAR468-ZAR618

Shuttles: Professional shuttle services offer a “meet and greet”, and transfer from the airport to your hotel at an average charge of ZAR460.

Page Corporate: or contact Desmond on

Meter Taxis: There are many meter taxis you can use and cost an average of about +ZAR350 from the airport to Sandton.

Car Rental: There are many car rental companies operating out of the airport, from which you can hire a car. The speed limits on our highways are 120km/h and in residential areas, either 60km/h or 70km/h. The highways around Johannesburg operate an electronic toll system (i.e. no booths / they are not manned). Car Rental companies will advise on how to make payment.

Should you be driving around South Africa, there are toll gates on all major highways. These are manned and payment can be made at the toll booths.

Here are a few of the many car rental companies operating out of Johannesburg International Airport (aka OR Tambo Airport):

General information when renting a car and driving in South Africa, please be advised:

  • All vehicles are right hand drive and we drive on the left side of the road
  • Some vehicles, especially minibus taxis may change lanes at the last moment, so be aware of your fellow road users.
  • If you are planning to travel around the country by car, it’s advisable to travel only in the daytime and be at your destination before dark
  • If you have to drive at night and you have an incident, e.g. a flat tyre, or hit something in the road like a pothole, a rock, or an animal, do not stop but drive on to the nearest public area or Police Station for assistance.
  • Some of the country roads will have potholes, and may do damage to your car, so be observant when driving.
  • Should a policeman in an unmarked vehicle try to stop you, indicate to them that they can follow you and rather drive to your nearest Police Station.
  • Unless you are part of a guided tour, don’t stop near or go into informal shanty towns, even if you wish to take pictures as it may not be safe.

If visit a shopping centre with an open parking lot (i.e. where no parking ticket is issued), someone wearing a bright coloured vest may ask to look after your car. This is usually someone who is unemployed, offering a service called car guards. They will watch your car, and will return any shopping carts you may have used whilst in the shopping centre. In return they only ask for a small donation. It is customary, but not obligatory to give around R5.

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